South African passport renewal UK. By placing your order, you should read and agreed to our Terms of Service.

The order (South African passport renewal UK) procedure is the following:


  1. Firstly, You send us all the necessary information (depending on the document you want to order). We receive and process your order and give you payment information.
  2. You pay 60% upfront money as prepayment for document(s) producing.
  3. We start to produce your document(s). Time constraints are 2-5 days (depending on your order).
  4. We send you scan/photos of your ready-made document(s). You check all the details and give us confirmation.
  5. You send us the rest of full amount and your delivery address. Finally, You will receive your document(s) in several days via UPS, FedEx or DHL (free of charge for you).

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